PRIDE Values

In his State of the University Address on October 4, 2016, Chancellor Sam Hawgood announced that UC San Francisco is embracing a common set of values to set a clear direction for all members of the UCSF community as we work together to fulfill our mission.UCSF graphic for PRIDE values. Includes UCSF colors, faculty, staff and students. P is for professionalism. R is for respect. I is for integrity. D is for diversity. E is for excellence.

On October 25, 2016, members of the Chancellor’s leadership team endorsed the set of overarching values at their retreat.

About 16 years ago, UCSF Medical Center adopted a set of values under the acronym PRIDE, which stands for Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. These are important core values for everyone who works, learns, teaches and discovers at UCSF. Although we never formally verbalized PRIDE as campus values, they are UCSF values and, in many ways, are demonstrated daily throughout the University. They also align with UCSF’s Principles of Community and Code of Ethics.

Values help set expectations, drive decision-making and build a culture that inspires our actions. Building a collaborative culture that is unified in its shared values is important for our current state and positions us well for the future. As UCSF continues to grow in size and scope, and expands the many efforts and extraordinary projects we do together, it is increasingly critical that all faculty, staff, students and trainees understand, establish and execute a single set of core values.

Described in more detail, PRIDE values are:

P - Professionalism: To be competent, accountable, reliable and responsible, interacting positively and collaboratively with all colleagues, students, patients, visitors and business partners.
R - Respect: To treat all others as you wish to be treated, being courteous, kind and acting with utmost consideration for others.
I - Integrity: To be honest, trustworthy and ethical, always doing the right thing, without compromising the truth, and being fair and sincere.
D - Diversity: To appreciate and celebrate differences in others, creating an environment of equity and inclusion with opportunities for everyone to reach his or her potential.
E - Excellence: To be dedicated, motivated, innovative and confident, giving your best every day, encouraging and supporting others to excel in everything they do.