Financial Planning & Institutional Analysis (FP&IA)

The FP&IA team is responsible for financial planning and data management for Budget and Resource Management. Teams from UPlan, Capital Budget, the FAS Data Security and Compliance Program and Institutional Analysis have joined to provide a holistic approach to data and in-depth analyses.


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Functions & Topics

  • Development of the annual ten-year financial plan* (*MyAccess Login required)
  • Annual ICR Benchmarking System Report
  • Vacation Leave Assessment Rate Calculations
  • Sponsored activity and F&A cost recovery revenue projections
  • Financial analysis related to space utilization
  • Planning and management of campus capital budgets
  • Investment and debt strategy
  • Planning systems
  • Supporting strategic planning and decision making through the analysis, presentation, and distribution of institutional related research data
  • Overseeing complex data compilation, report development and archiving activities in support of institutional research and financial planning goals, including maintenance of data mart and data visualization tools
  • Ad hoc analyses

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Jerome Sak,
Executive Director

Dan Beaman
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David Hathaway
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Carol Luong

Denis Nepveu
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Ljubomir Stajic