UPlan is the UCSF implementation of Oracle Hyperion Planning, a centralized, Excel and Web-based financial planning and forecasting solution.

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Are your Staff Salaries & Benefits missing in your Revenue & Expense form and FR Reports?

If so, you may want to refresh the report or your screen if you are pulling at an aggregate-level DFP. Why is this happening? Employee integrations occur at the top of the hour for 2 minutes, and at the half hour for 2 minutes. During this window, staff salaries and benefits data is cleared from the R&E form, loaded in to the R&E form, then aggregated up to higher DFP levels. So if the form was rendered during the two minute window, salaries and benefits may appear missing in your R&E and FR Reports.

  • Refresh button when viewing a R&E form:

Image shows users where to click in order to refresh their Revenue and Expense form in UPlan.

  • Refresh button when viewing a FR Report:

Image shows where user would click to refresh a FR Report in UPlan.


Have you checked which version of Firefox you have and if your preferred browser is compatible with UPlan?

If not, be sure to do so if you haven’t logged in to UPlan in a while. There are two job aids available to reference - UPlan 201: Browser Setting for PC and UPlan 202: Browser Setting for Mac on the UPlan Training and Job Aids page.


Are columns missing from forms and form reports when you are working in Smart View?

You may have your Smart View options set to suppress columns with no data. To unsuppress the columns, go to the Smart View ribbon > Options > Data Options > Suppress Columns. Then uncheck "No Data/ Missing" and "Zero", click on the OK down-arrow to "Save as Default Options", and refresh the form to show the previously suppressed columns. See the below screenshots:

Image highlights missing columns when using Smart View.

Image shows which areas need to be un-checked in Options, and how to save the settings as user's default options.

Image shows that after revising and saving default options to click Refresh, then the missing columns will appear in Smart View.


Upgrade to the newest version of Smart View and confirm you are using the current version

There is a new version of Smart View for you to install! First, read the Install Instructions in the Smart View Training Manual. To access the latest version of Smart View when in UPlan, click Tools > Install > Smart View and you will be brought to the UPlan Training and Job Aids page. Or, you can visit the UPlan Training and Job Aids page directly and click on the “Install Smart View” link under the Executable File section.

Image shows where users can go within UPlan to download the latest version of Smart View.

Image shows where users can go on the budget office website to download the latest version of Smart View.

  • Once installed, you will need to update the URL to: http://hyperwebprod04:19000/epmstatic/SmartView_Connections.xml. To do so, go to the Smart View ribbon > Options > Advanced > update the URL in the General section > Save as Default Options. Refer to the Smart View Training Manual for further instructions on setting user preferences in the latest version of Smart View.

Image shows users where they will enter the URL in order to access UPlan data, as well as other settings to set and save as their default options.