Costing & Cost Recovery Policy & Analysis

Functions & Topics

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  • Costing Policy Group Leadership
  • Costing Policy Analysis
  • Facilities & Administration (F&A) Proposal Development
  • Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) - Cost Reporting
  • Guidelines and Requirements for Funds Received from Extramural Sources
    • UC Campus to Campus Indirect Cost Application Clarification
  • Short Term Investment Pool (STIP)/Total Return Investment Pool (TRIP) Policy & Support
  • Departmental Account-Fund Functionalization Oversight
  • Effort Reporting Policy
  • UCSF Data Warehouse Development Design & Analysis
    • ICR Benchmarking Planning and Analysis
    • Space and Financial Management Reporting
  • Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery Sources & Uses Class
  • Account Fund Profile Quality Assurance Oversight
  • Equipment and Facilities Asset Management Capitalization Support

Relevant Guidelines