Operating Budget


What we do

Topic Process Timing BRM Contact Resources
415(m) Restoration Plan Funding Annual Richard Chen 415(m) Restoration Plan Summary Plan Description
Accumulated Endowment Income Management Reporting in November; Meet with Control Points Annually Richard Chen UCOP Endowment and Similar Funds E-525
Agency Fund Approval As needed Denis Nepveu  
Allocation/Reallocation of Gifts & Bequests As needed Richard Chen Campus Administrative Policy 450-17
Be Smart About Safety Program Financial Management Annual - March/April Kevin Wong UCOP Be Smart About Safety Program
Budget Call Annual - January Chau Tu Current Budget Call Documents
Chancellor's Allocation Letter Annual - September Lief Tsai  
Chancellor's Gifts & Endowments Quarterly Richard Chen  
Core Financial Plan (CFP) Management and Reporting Bi-Annual - Fall and Spring Chau Tu  
Deficit Monitoring Annual - September Chau Tu Campus Administrative Policy 250-12
Emergency Loan Program As needed Mike Clune  
F&A Allocation Annual Lief Tsai  
Faculty Childbearing/Childbearing Leave Funding Ongoing, Quarterly Richard Chen  
Faculty Upgrade/Downgrade Funding Ongoing, Monthly Richard Chen  
Fiscal Year Close and Open Activities Oversight Annual - June/July Chau Tu  
Interlocation Transfer of Funds Monthly Kathy Bates-Woodward ITF Form
IT Roadmap Allocations As needed Kathy Bates-Woodward IT Governance
Mid-Career Recruitment Loan Management As needed Kathy Bates-Woodward Mid-Career Recruitment Loan Information Sheet
Patent Income Distribution & Analysis Annual - March Chau Tu
Kathy Bates-Woodward
Pooled Cost Analysis and Allocation Annual Lief Tsai  
Professional Degree Supplement Tuition (PDST) Fee Proposals Annual Kathy Bates-Woodward UC Regents Policy
Rate Development – GAEL, Employee Support Programs, Unemployment Insurance Annual - May Kevin Wong  
Recurring Allocations Monthly Taylor Mayfield  
Regents Budget Tables (1, 3 & 4) Submission to UCOP Annual - Fall Kathy Bates-Woodward  
Regents Budget Tables (2 & 5) Submission to UCOP Annual - Fall Lief Tsai  
Regents’ Gifts & Endowments Reallocation As needed Richard Chen  
Self-Supporting Professional Degree Programs Budget & Fee Proposal Coordination Annual Kathy Bates-Woodward UC Policy on Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs
STIP/TRIP - Management of Funds; Investment/Withdrawal Impact Analyses & Reporting Monthly Chau Tu UCOP - STIP/TRIP Information
STIP/TRIP - Distributions Monthly Kathy Bates-Woodward

STIP Job Aids

Strategic Initiatives Fund Allocations As needed Kathy Bates-Woodward  
Student Disability Support Allocation Annual - Fiscal Close Richard Chen  
Student Services Fee Allocations Quarterly Kathy Bates-Woodward Student Academic Affairs
Tuition/PDST Return-to-Aid Projections & Allocations Quarterly Kathy Bates-Woodward UCOP Guidelines
UC Path Budget Management Ongoing Lief Tsai UCOP - UCPath Center
UCOP Assessment Analysis and Management Annual Lief Tsai  
University Relations Local Hiring Budget Management Annual - Fiscal Year open Lief Tsai  
Vacation Leave Assessment Annual Ljubomir Stajic Vacation Leave Assessment