Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF)

Contact: If you have questions related to ITF, please contact Kathy Bates-Woodward at [email protected]


An ITF is a budgetary transfer of funding for a program or project between two UC campuses. This category of transaction requires a journal submitted in the UC Office of the President (UCOP) ITF system (processed by Budget and Resource Management).  Once approved by UCOP, a journal will post the transfer to the UCSF general ledger (processed by the Controller’s Office). Each campus’ local chartstring must mapped to the new UCOP Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) structure. (As of September 1, 2023). 


UCSF units that want to transfer Non-Contract and Grant, Non-Agency funds to another campus or to UCOP must complete the UCSF Interlocation Transfer of Funds template.

The funds used at both campuses must be the same type. For example, if you are transferring a from a gift fund (7xxx), the other campus must receive it in a gift fund.  Before you can initiate a transfer, you must request the other campus provide their local chartstring and CCOA Fund. The receiving campus must provide a fund that maps to the same CCOA Level C fund as your source.  Refer to the chart below when requesting the CCOA information from the other campus.

UCSF Funds Fund Type CCOA Level C Fund
5000, 5170, 5200 Other Unrestricted 1300C
5018, 5011, 5020, 5100 Sales & Service 1200C
5030 Sale & Service - Aux 1100C
5013, 5014 Med Comp Plan 1500C
7xxx Restricted Expendable Gifts 6000C
3030, 3040, 3050, 3060, 3070 Prof Degree Sup. Tuition 1410C
3080 Self Supp Degree 1430C
3110 Other Student Fees 1480C
1900, 1945 State General Funds 19900
19xx Other Specific State Appropriations See Project-Fund Mapping File
18xx Special State Appropriations See Project-Fund Mapping File

ITF Template Instructions – the fields to enter are highlighted in yellow in the template

Step 1. Enter your Chartstring, and your contact information (name and email address)

Step 2. Enter an explanation for the transfer

Step 3. Enter the other campus/UCOP Entity number from the dropdown menu.

Step 4. Enter the other campus/UCOP Fund Level D, Function, and Department codes

Step 5. Enter the amount to be transferred

Step 6. Email the form to: [email protected].

Please note, UCOP only approves ITF journals at the end of each month.  The campus receives approval notification by the first business day of the following month. Approved transactions are generally posted to the General Ledger by the Controller’s Office before fiscal close of the month in which the ITF form was submitted.

2024 ITF Request Submission Deadline Calendar

Month Campus Deadline (Last day to process transactions)
March Tuesday, March 26, 2024
April Wednesday, April 24, 2024
May Monday, May 27, 2024
June N/A, no ITF's accepted by UCOP in June
July Thursday, July 25, 2024
August Tuesday, August 27, 2024
September Tuesday, September 24, 2024
October Friday, October 25, 2024
November  Monday, November 25, 2024
December Friday, December 20, 2024

UCSF Fund Values

Please refer to the UCSF Fund Segment file (“120A File”) for a list of UCSF’s valid Fund numbers for ITF.

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