Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITFs)

An ITF is a transfer of funding for a program or project between two UC campuses. This category of transaction requires a budget journal that posts directly to the UCOP ITF system (processed by Budget and Resource Management) and also has a corresponding transfer of funding through financial control/cash that posts in UCSF’s financial ledger (processed by the Controller’s Office). In order to process ITF entries, UCSF’s chartstring must be translated to the UCOP chartfield structure*.

UCOP ITF Guidelines

For an ITF, the fund used at both campuses must have the same UCOP fund group code.

UCOP Fund Lookup

Forms required: UCSF units that intend to transfer funds to UCOP or another campus should complete the UCSF Interlocation Transfer of Funds form.

The form provides the UCSF chartstring that is the source of funds and, in working with the recipient campus, the chartstring information for the unit receiving the funds. The translation of the UCSF chartstring into the UCOP format will be completed by Budget and Resource Management. Once completed, forms should be submitted to [email protected].

Please note, UCOP only approves ITF’s once per month, after the monthly submission deadline. The campus receives approval notification on the first business day of the following month. Approved transactions are generally posted to the General Ledger by the Controller’s Office before fiscal close of the month submitted.

Contact info: If you have questions related to ITFs, please contact Kathy Bates-Woodward at [email protected] or at 415-502-3388.

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2021 ITF Month-End Deadline

Month Day Campus Deadline Date*
January Friday 1/22/2021
February Friday 2/19/2021
March Tuesday 3/23/2021
April Friday 4/23/2021
May Friday 5/21/2021
June -- BCR only (if needed)
July Friday 7/23/2021
August Tuesday 8/24/2021
September Thursday 9/23/2021
October Friday 10/22/2021
November Friday 11/19/2021
December Wednesday 12/15/2021

*Last day to process transaction.