Short Term Investment Pool STIP Policy Contact: Kathy Bates-Woodward

Job Aids and Descriptions:

Descriptions are provided below the Job Aid link.

  • STIP Calculation and Distribution
    • What STIP is
    • How STIP is calculated and distributed
    • Chartstrings used for STIP income and expense
  • STIP Source and Target Dept-IDs
    • How to find STIP entries in the general ledger
    • Verifying if the Target and Source Dept-IDs are the same
    • How to find the Fund and Dept-ID where STIP was earned (Source)
    • What the STIP Attribute on Dept-ID does
    • How to look up the STIP Attribute on Dept-ID
    • How to Change the STIP Attribute on Dept-ID
  • STIP Analysis and Management
    • How STIP is aggregated in the chart of accounts
    • Restrictions on how and when STIP can be transferred
    • How to transfer STIP
    • How to calculate STIP below the Fund-Dept-ID level
    • How to find the STIP rate in PeopleSoft
  • STIP Historical Information
    • How to look up STIP Attribute on Dept-ID (Historic)

UCOP Business and Finance Bulletins:

A-60: Short Term Investment Pool (STIP) - Distribution of Income