Guidelines & Requirements for Funds Received from Extramural Sources

Effective March 30, 2018, Budget and Resource Management, in cooperation with an Extramural Funds (EMF) taskforce, has published an update to the UCSF Guidelines and Requirements for Funds Received from Extramural Sources. The EMF taskforce is comprised of active members from the campus Costing Policy Group. They represent senior staff from the offices of Budget and Resource Management, Controller’s, and Sponsored Research Offices with support from other campus offices for specific sections. The guidelines are organized by category into five broad funding categories. The update provides definitions, examples, and policy and authority references for receiving funds from outside or extramural sources.

These guidelines and requirements provide general definitions and direction as well as identifying where to go for more information or clarification and for approval. While they include specific sections for the majority of extramurally funded activities processed by the campus, for nonstandard activities, users are encouraged to use the detail to help identify who to contact for additional guidance. This guidance has been reviewed and in the current form will be refined as needs arise. Notably, as additional proposals are presented refinements are considered and implanted. What is posted has been endorsed as the best, most legitimate guidance available to date.

Administrators are encouraged to refer inquirers to this website or use the information provided to respond to routine requests or discussions about funding.

If you have any questions regarding this note or about the matrix in general, please contact Darryl Lim at (415) 502-3478, or at [email protected] or Morissa Gleichenhaus at (415) 502-5309, or at [email protected]. For section specific questions you can submit your comment, question or suggestion via the ‘Update Content Request’ button at the bottom page of each section to reach the content owner.