Institutional Analysis & Decision Support

Functions & Topics

Exterior windows of the Gladstone building located on the UCSF Mission Bay campus.

  • Annual UCSF Institutional Profile and Updates
  • Vacation Leave Assessment Rate Calculations
  • Facilities and Administration (F&A) Recovery Reporting
  • A-21 CAS Relief Expenditure Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • 10 Year Financial Plan

Institutional Profile

This is the annual Institutional Profile of the University of California, San Francisco.  It is a view of contemporary time which contains facts and figures about the university as a whole, as well as its various organizational units.   Budget & Resource Management compiled this information from the UCOP website, various UCSF websites, UCSF promotional material, internal correspondence, and input from the departments and schools.   In addition, we generated statistical data from the general ledger and other internal sources of record.  This profile is designed as a reference volume, allowing the reader to access select information without reading the entire volume.   The volume is organized with general information on the University followed by profiles of the major divisions, including central campus administration, schools, departments, the UCSF Medical Center, and affiliated organizations.

For questions regarding an institutional profile please contact Jerome Sak via e-mail or 476-3057.

2013-2014 UCSF Institutional Profile

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