Resource Planning

Functions & Topics

Campus Resource Planning and ReviewExterior of the Helen Diller building on the UCSF Mission Bay campus.

  • Provide analytical support for program planning at UCSF.
  • Direct and conduct resource related policy analysis.
  • Develop and effectively recommend institutional resource priorities.
  • Provide critical, policy-level analysis on a wide range of budget, financial and other resource planning and allocation issues.
  • Determine planning strategies to pursue new resources for the campus. Coordinate restructuring strategies for existing campus financial resources.
  • Coordinate planning of centrally managed provisions and capital programs consistent with institutional resource priorities.
  • Provide resource management and planning support as critical financial management issues are identified and needs defined.
  • Oversee and provide direct support for special analytical studies and presentations, as they are defined by the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor¬†Administration.
  • Identify significant campus resource and management policy trends and prepare reports and recommendations.
  • Advise campus constituencies on asset and management issues.

New Program, Policy and Business Plan Analysis

  • Analyze proposed laws/regulations/policies and recommend campus actions and response.
  • Analyze proposed initiatives and business plans and recommend actions to maximize aggregate campus utility.