Recharge Training Modules

Listed below are the recently updated recharge training modules designed to provide guidance to UCSF recharge proposal preparers and departmental reviewers on:


Basic recharge concepts and the policies governing recharge activities, recharge rate development in accordance with campus policy, the annual Recharge Review and Approval Process at UCSF, recharge management, the Sales and Service of Education Related Activities request and approval process, New and Renewal recharge proposal preparation.

Recharge Training Modules

Recharge Proposal Exercises

High-level Recharge Overview

Policies Affecting Recharge Activities

Rate Components

Rate Development

Recharge Review & Approval Process

Recharge Management

External Sales & Services of Education Related Activities

Capital and Operating Leases

Preparing a New Recharge Proposal Exercise

Preparing a Renewal Proposal Exercise

Discontinuation Exercise



Recharge Basics eCourse