Request UPlan Access

To get access to UPlan, contact your local Access Administrator and request access.  Each department has at least one Access Administrator who can submit a UPlan User Access Request Form to change type of access or provide new access.

Access Requirements

Access to UPlan requires approval from your Control Point Coordinator.

Control Point Coordinator(s):

  BRM:   Lief Tsai

EVCP:   Clarice Estrada, Ruth Pacquing, Matthew Tout

   FAS:   Steve Stugard, Julie O'Neal, Leonard Moon

  SON:   Cecilia Chang

  SOP:   James Joves

UDAR:  James Kang, Wendy Gamboa


UPlan Roles

UPlan Coordinator: Coordinator can set and adjust global assumptions in the General and Employee planning modules for their control points and departments.
UPlan Planner:

Planner has write access to their planning departments and read access to all General and Employee planning modules.  Planner can manually adjust plans for individual DeptID/Fund/Project combinations at the Account level.

UPlan Reviewer: Reviewer runs and analyzes financial reports.


Login ID and Password

UPlan uses the campus standard single sign-on feature.  Once you have been granted UPlan access, login to the UPlan application via MyAccess or Smart View.  You will be presented with a form that will ask for your UCSF Network Login ID and Password.