UPlan Training Resources

In-Class Training

Prerequisite: Participants will need to have their UPlan access set up prior to the hands on computer based training sessions.  Learn more on how to get access to the UPlan application at the Request UPlan Access page.

Training content will be divided into two categories:

New User Training: For new users across the campus.

Session Date Time Location Topic

January 31, 2024

9:00am - 12:00pm


Session 1 Zoom Recording

  • Navigating in UPlan
  • General Planning
  • Commitments Planning
  • Form Reports & Financial Reports (FR)
2 February 5, 2024

1:00pm - 4:00pm


Session 2 Zoom Recording

  • Employee Planning
  • Employee Form Reports & FR
3 February 8, 2024

9:00am - 12:00pm


Session 3 Zoom Recording

  • Smart View Planning Forms
  • Smart View FR (Reporting & Analysis)


Referesher Training: For current and new UPlan users. Training is catered to specific control point planning principles.

To be scheduled.

User Support

While the UPlan team is available for user support year round, during the planning season, the UPlan team offers onsite support every Wednesday or by appointment.  Once you have contacted UPlan for assistance, at least one of the team members will schedule a visit to your workstation to help answer UPlan questions or with any training needs.  Please email [email protected] to schedule our visit.


Updated on 02/08/2024

Job Aids

Title Revision Date Link Download
Tuition and Fee Revenue Calculator 01/07/2019   Download
Pay Component Definitions 01/07/2019 external link icon Download
AGG and ADJ Projects 02/04/2021 external link icon Download
General Planning Global Assumptions 03/28/2017 external link icon Download
Commitment Mapping to General Planning 06/07/2021 Download
Commitment Tracking 01/07/2019 external link icon Download
Reference Guide: Dimensions 02/04/2021 external link icon Download


Title Revision date Download
Navigating in UPlan 01/16/2024 Download
General Planning 01/09/2024 Download
Commitment Tracking 01/03/2024 Download
Employee Planning 01/05/2024 Download
Smart View Forms 01/05/2024 Download
Smart View Ad Hoc 01/04/2024 Download

Presentation Slides

Title Revision date Download
Navigating in UPlan
Overview of UPlan interface, tools, forms and reports. User preferences and MyOrg setup.
01/12/2024 Download
General Planning
Planning by individual department, fund and project combination. Plan revenue and non-salary expenses.
01/16/2024 Download
Commitment Tracking
Planning by commitment. Plan transfers.
01/12/2024 Download
Employee Planning
Enables planning by individual employee. Plan salary and benefits.
01/18/2024 Download
Smart View: Installation and Planning
Access to UPlan web forms and reports via Excel.
01/12/2024 Download