UPlan Frequently Asked Questions

About UPlan

+What is UPlan?

UPlan is the name chosen for UCSF's application of Oracle's Hyperion Planning. Prior to October 2013 documentation and meetings refer to the system as Hyperion, and now that it has been named UPlan, it is referred to by that name.

+What is Hyperion Planning?

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized, Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves organizational predictability. Oracle Hyperion Planning provides an in-depth look at UCSF operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models. It has the benefits of:

  • Ensuring accuracy - Validating forecasts with integrated, best-in-class analytics
  • Reducing budgeting time - Improving cycles by weeks or months
  • Aligning the organization - Combining financial and operational planning in one system
  • Addressing finance needs quickly - Meeting immediate finance needs while enabling operations-specific budgeting processes
  • Maximizing modeling capabilities - Supporting advanced, power user modeling capabilities with nearly seamless Microsoft Excel integration
  • Gaining mass user acceptance - Appealing to a wider user community through a simplified Web interface
  • Reducing implementation time - Adding quick-to-implement, packaged functional planning modules



Access and Support

+How Do I access UPlan?

UPlan is accessible through MyAccess. If you do not have access and feel you should, contact your department manager or Control Point Coordinator.

+I'm having trouble getting on to UPlan. What do I do?

Most likely you are experiencing a browser issue. Make sure you are using a tested browser and configuring it appropriately by following the UPlan job aids 201 and/or 202 available here. If you still cannot get on, call the help desk at 44100 option 2.

+How do I know if I need to be trained for UPlan?

Those who have been determined to need training to access UPlan at Go-Live have been informed in January. If you feel you need training but have not been contacted, contact your department manager or Control Point Coordinator.

+How do I get trained for UPlan?

Contact your department manager or Control Point Coordinator to find out more. An introductory training module, UPlan 101, and various job aids are available on the UPlan Training Site.

+Is UPlan open access?

Employee and general planning diagnostic reports will be open access and available to all UPlan users. However, planning forms for data entry will have security and be based on the Dept ID tree.



General Planning

+At what level of the Dept ID tree do we plan?

Planning level on the Dept ID tree is determined by each department in coordination with their control point. Generally, choosing to plan at a higher level reduces your UPlan workload.

+What do I do if I want to change the level at which my department is planning?

Departments will need to maintain consistency in their planning level within any given year. Mid-year changes will not be possible. Changes in planning level across years are possible, but it is worth noting that doing so means historical data will be of less use (i.e., for variance reporting). Changes will have to adhere to the current guidelines of choosing a Dept ID budgeting level.

+Will plans be dynamic throughout the year?

Plans will be locked down quarterly. Once the plan is shipped to the data warehouse, it remains static. The first load will be late June 2014, after which you can forecast quarterly.

+Often midyear I’ll make changes to my plan/projections. How will I do this once I have my initial plan in UPlan?

UPlan will have scenarios that include an annual plan and quarterly forecasts so that you can have the flexibility to update. You can make a new forecast every quarter, and once you choose to make that forecast final, you can run your variance reporting out of the data warehouse using MyReports. Until it is submitted as final, you can do variance reporting within UPlan. Except for sponsored projects activity, which will remain in Faculty/PI Portfolio, all of your planning activity will occur in UPlan.

+Can you see expenses being planned against your Fund from outside your department, for instance an employee from another department who is partially funded from my fund source?

Once plans are finalized, they will be in the data warehouse and everyone will be able to see them. However, some sensitive employee-level detail may not be visible across departments, such as planned percentage raises. For this reason, it may be difficult to see an employee from another department planned against one of your funds.

+Is there duplicate data coming from PPS and PI Portfolio into UPlan?

No – data from PPS is actual and data from PI Portfolio is plan.

+How will I know that I'm done and I've completed plans for all of my projects? Is there an indication of my progress to completion?

The UPlan design includes completion tracking functionality per Dept/Fund/Project combination that would allow users to indicate completion of a plan.

+How do I export data from UPlan? Can we download the data and re-upload it?

Right now the only functionality that allows this will be copying data. SmartView functionality (integration with MS Office), which has had a limited rollout, will allow exporting of data. Right now there are no plans to allow re-uploading of data.

+How do I adjust account 4500C (Sponsored Projects Revenue) on the Revenue & Expense form for a DFP combination?

Revenue Account 4500C Sponsored Projects Revenue is a Read Only account (greyed out) because, in the Working version (for non-actualized months), it auto-balances to Expense and Other Changes account balances, resulting in a Change in Net Position equal to zero. However, this auto-balancing occurs only with DeptID-Fund combinations with one of the 3 ADJ Sponsored Projects (2011368: ADJ Sponsored NoNIHCap; 2011369: ADJ Sponsored NIHCap1; 2011370: ADJ Sponsored NIHCap2).

If you need to adjust revenue plans or forecasts for sponsored projects so that there is a non-zero Change in Net Position, you can use the “4600C Assessments/other revenues_C” account as a placeholder.

+Why can’t I find my Project ID?

UPlan does not include Project IDs for these 4 of the 12 Project Uses: Sponsored, Recruitment, Retention, Other Faculty/PI Owner Activity. Planning occurs at the Project Use level for projects with these Project Use attributes. Changes to a Project ID’s Project Use attribute will be updated in UPlan, but the exact timing remains to be determined. New Project IDs are loaded to UPlan nightly.

+How do I find the details of the funds in the ”Tfr” accounts on my Revenue and Expense form?

Data in the Tfr accounts are Commitments from the Commitment Tracking module. To learn more about the Commitments on your Revenue & Expense form, run a “Commitments by Target” report via the Explore button, using the specific DeptID where you see the Tfr account value.

+How often is data loaded into UPlan from various campus systems?

A calendar of scheduled data integration's is located here: http://controller.ucsf.edu/calendar.asp



Employee Planning

+How does the system know which employees I get to see?

All departments have been asked to map non-planning Dept IDs to planning Dept IDs. Using this map, UPlan will be able to take the feed of data from PPS and map an employee's home department to the correct planning Dept ID. Whichever users have been granted access to those Dept IDs will then be able to change the plan of an employee associated with it.

+What about when we have shared employees across departments, or employee is paid by a department other than its home department? Does the paying department see how the home department has planned for that employee? Can the paying department incorporate the employee in their Plan? How will I ensure everyone is fully planned for?

When an employee is funded by more than one department, the PPS Home department will set the employee’s salary level in UPlan. The funding departments will adjust the percentage of the employee’s pay distribution that they fund based on the salary level in Hyperion. A report displaying the full distribution of individual employees for the funding department is available in UPlan. Communication and coordination with your counterparts in other departments around shared employee planning will remain essential.

+How does position planning in UC Path relate to employee planning in Hyperion?

It is our understanding that UC Path, when it is introduced in the coming years, will come on line with some position planning functionality. We are keeping up to date with this functionality to ensure that there isn't duplicative functionality and that the two systems are integrated.

+Can we use UPlan for student-based planning, or is it only for employee-based planning?

UPlan will provide some functionality for planning graduate students. The salaries and benefits of graduate student employees will be planned using the same functionality use for other employees. Stipend expenses can be planned in a similar manner.

+Can I plan for employees by type or position instead of name?

Yes, the data may be sorted in this manner.

+Can we plan for employee benefits? Will benefit information be pulled from PPS into UPlan?

Employee benefits will be planned for you in UPlan based on estimates, however estimates may be off a bit. Actual benefit numbers will be available by the January Go-Live. In any case, there is an adjustment field to make changes to benefit numbers as necessary. Actual benefit expenditures will be fed from PPS to UPlan.



Commitment Tracking

+Who will see our commitments?

For each commitment, only the source department and recipient department will be able to view the planning data.

+Will we be able to see commitments that originate from the Med Center?

No commitments will be created by the Med Center, but what you can do is create, on your end (the recipient end), a negative commitment (negative commitments will be covered in UPlan training). Alternately you could add the appropriate account and enter the amount as revenue rather than a transfer directly in General Planning.



Faculty Portfolio

+Does Faculty Portfolio interface with UPlan? How?

Yes. Aggregated sponsored project activity entered in Faculty Portfolio into UPlan quarterly. Once in UPlan, data from Faculty Portfolio will be read-only. Users may use planning-only projects to make adjustments to their departmental plan for sponsored activity, faculty recruitment, faculty retention and other faculty/PI projects. The planning feed from Faculty Portfolio to UPlan will not maintain distinctions by Project, Activity Period, Function or Flexfield. No feed from UPlan to Faculty/PI Portfolio will be developed. Click here to see how data flows between the systems. Note that although Faculty Portfolio data will be aggregated in UPlan’s planning forms, a report will be available which will allow you to see more detail.

+Where do I make changes to my plans involving sponsored projects and faculty-controlled funds? In UPlan or Faculty Portfolio?

You have two options. You can either communicate with your RSA to make the changes in FP, which then will feed quarterly to UPlan, or you can make the changes in UPlan at a more aggregated level using a planning-only project. Any adjustments made in UPlan would not feed back to Faculty Portfolio.

+Are there best practices around how to ensure our RSAs are not overwriting one another?

We encourage you to think about the timing for your own plan, when it needs to be submitted, and when internal deadlines might be (including periods where you will not be accepting any changes) and then communicate those to your RSAs.

+Will my changes in UPlan to sponsored project and faculty-controlled funds activity be overwritten by Faculty/PI Portfolio’s quarterly feed to UPlan?

No, because the quarterly feed does not go to the same intersection as where your changes will be entered.

+Will NIH Cap information be on the data transferred from Faculty Portfolio to UPlan?

There is functionality in Phase 1 to bring over NIH cap information. When the data comes over from Faculty Portfolio, the system will reference coding in RAS to identify which NIH cap applies. There is no functionality for other caps (non-NIH), which will need separate detailed business processes.

+What if I do not use Faculty Portfolio?

We strongly recommend that you implement Faculty Portfolio in your department. However, UPlan's planning-only project functionality enables department planners to create a high-level sponsored activity plan. Those departments that do not adopt Faculty Portfolio, but continue using a departmental system, will be adding to their workload by having to enter sponsored activity twice- once in each system.

+When will the FP data be updated through the year?

Faculty Portfolio data will be loaded into UPlan on a quarterly basis. The exact date will be announced via the UPlan listserv.